History of Angor Wat


Angor Wat means the city of the temples. It is one of the finest and oldest monuments in the world spread over an area of 500 acres.

What’s in the History of Angkor Wat

1. The Development

The history tells us that it was built between the 12th and 13th century. Later it was attributed to the god Vishnu and became a hub of Hinduism. It was the French missionaries who found the remains of the monument and discovered it.

2. Discovery

We know that French people invade many parts of the world and their soldiers visited most parts of those areas. It was the 18th century when a French archeologist found this monument. They were stunned to see how stunning, massive and greatly built the structures were. Originally, they believed it was not built by Cambodian people because it seemed to be a creation of another creature.

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3. Angkor Wat Has Its Mysteries

There are a lot of temples, monuments, stages, platforms, art work and secret faces that no one has ever understood. One of the largest and main temples is Angor Wat after which the place has been named. It is said that there are over 25 women faces. People don’t know who these women were and what was the purpose to paint their faces on the buildings and structures. But they believe these women were very powerful during the time these were built.

4. The Founder

The founder of the whole structure and monument is believed to be Suryavarman II. He became the king of the dynasty when he was very young. He killed his own uncle to capture the throne and started the temples and monuments to impress the people and cover up what he did with his uncle. It is said that he was a very powerful, muscular and gigantic man. His interest in the religion was deep and the monuments and temples prove his love for Hinduism.

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5. It Was Built in 30 Years

The history shows that constructing Angor Wat and the other structure was herculean task for the people of that time. It took them almost 30 years to complete it. The founder died before the completion and he was buried there in the monument. When it comes to the purpose of the monument, the reason is not yet known and it remains one of the most debated topics even today.

6. A Complete City

However, the scientists and the discoverers believed it was not just a temple or monument with many temples, buildings, gardens and military offices. They believe it was a complete city and the people living at that time were in thousands. Somehow, they all died and the whole city was ruined. When it comes to the reasons, environmental factor is quoted as the major cause.

Angor Wat has been included in the World Heritage list by UNESCO and it remains one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Angor Wat was the capital of famous Khmer Dynasty that ruled over the old Cambodia. The temples remained under military use before it was included in the heritage sites. However, the world is still stunned that how incredible this work was and how the people of that time built it.

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